Our Tyre Regroovers

Tyre regroovers have been a very useful and important part of the transport industry for many years. Fast and accurate regrooving of truck or industrial tyres can extend tyre life, improve cost per kilometre, and increase operating profits. Regrooving machines are also widely used in roller lining , rubber conveyor works and motor sports.

At RLM Distributing, we stock a wide range of products, including the Van-Alstine Tyre Regroovers, manufactured in the USA for Australian conditions.
The V100 model, well suit for transport operators of light and heavy truck tyres and for Motorsport / raceway tyres. It features a light weight pistol grip handle, with the adjustable temperature control built in, making this a very simple and easy tool to operate.

The GV1000 model is a heavy duty regroover, designed for high work rates, using stronger/thicker cutting blades. It also has the light weight pistol grip handle for operator comfort, but has a separate power transformer, with High / Low heat adjustment for clean accurate cutting.
Both machines are supplied with one sample pack of tempered and precision ground, super sharp cutting blades.
RLM also stock a range replacement blades and spare parts for service and support.



Why choose RLM Distributing-:

With over 30 years in the industry, RLM Distributing are proud to supply the automotive, transport, mining, tyre re-treading and repair industries with a range of tools and equipment required for today’s market , including the Van Alstine -: V100 and GV1000 tyre regroovers.

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