Remote Safety Inflation Assemblies

RLM offer three models of Tyre Safety Inflation Assemblies: Designed to allow the tyre technician to inflate and pressure check tyres while located at a safe distance away or to the side of the tyre and wheel assembly, out of the trajectory zone should a tyre failure occur.

We have selected high quality Japanese made polyurethane air hose with Teflon bore for smooth fast airflow, these hoses are tough, light weight and easy to store, they have screwed fittings [no worm clamps] for secure hose to barb connections, and infield serviceability. Each model has a 5 metre length of air hose fitted with high flow butterfly shut off valves, NITTO quick connect couplers, clip on tyre chucks with matching NITTO air plugs.

Our Gauges are high quality German made, 63mm liquid filled 0 – 160Psi in 2Lb increments, with a rubber protector.

For the very rough conditions such as bouncing around in a service truck tool box, we suggest manual pressure check point as in the G997 model, this unit has a large bore tank valve to allow a pressure reading from a hand held tyre gauge.

Model – G995DG: Truck and machinery tyres with dial gauge and small bore clip on chuck
Model – G997: OTR tyre inflator with large bore tank valve pressure check point and large bore clip chuck.
Model G997DG: OTR tyre inflator with dial gauge and large bore clip on chuck.
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