G882 Large Bore Filtered Tyre Pressure Gauge

Tyre pressure gauges are an important tool for vehicle and machinery maintenance to ensure your tyres are operating correctly for maximum performance and efficiency. But not all gauges are suitable for the job. Our G882 Large bore filtered tyre pressure gauge is purpose built for the earthmoving and mining industries where tyres have a liquid coolant or sealant installed.

Standard tyre gauges will fail prematurely when contaminated by the installed products. For this we have developed a gauge with a filtration block assembly to trap the contaminating materials. We also added a longer hose for easier valve access and attached the 377 large bore tyre chuck via a quick connect open-ended hydraulic coupler. This will allow the 377 chuck to be disconnected from the hose after a pressure check, and the trapped contaminating fluids can be drained out. The G882 assembly has a German made 63mm easy to read dial face, in 2 lb increments, with a rubber gauge protector. The whole assembly is lightweight yet robust and can be re-calibrated.

As an optional extra: a standard bore air chuck with matching coupler can be added, making this gauge assembly even more versatile, catering to the entire workshop tyre fleet.

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With over 30 years in the industry, RLM Distributing are proud to supply and support, the automotive, transport, mining, tyre re-treading and repair industries with the tools, equipment and service required to operate smoothly, including our G882 filtered pressure gauges.

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